34 Twitter Content Ideas To Keep Followers Engaged

Tweet Dos & Don’ts

DO: Keep up the consistency

Be consistently authentic and deliver daily value.

DO: Show thankfulness

Thank people, and show gratitude in
tweet content. It’s surefire way to get
Twitter followers.

DO: Reflect genuineness

Tweet like you think and speak. Give
values to stay relevant.

DO: Give respect

Respect the etiquette of the
community and space.

DO: Spread positivity

Vibe positivity, optimism, and inspire
people. Put URL in the middle of tweet
get 26% more retweets.

DON’T: Do trend jack

Don’t trend jack without doing proper

DON’T: Practice spam

Prevent yourself from spamming
people as it is the fastest way to lose
your audience.

DON’T: Over Tweet

Don’t over Tweet, overwhelm, and
under engage.

DON’T: Express vague

Avoid unfinished bio, weak avatar, and
no legitimate contact information.

DON’T: Steal other people content

Constraint from post, re-tweet, or
steal content without acknowledging
the source.

Content Ideas – Business

Promote blog posts

Push it out to Twitter whenever you
publish a new blog post, case study,
white paper, or some other piece of
content! Do follow-up.

Spread your sales

Include details of when and where for
an in-store sale, and show some of
the best deals. Include the coupon
code for an online offer, and let
consumers know how long it’s.

Do on-brand messages

Using Twitter to share one-off tips and
tricks which will benefit your
audience. Think of what
can your business share that would
benefit your audience?

Respond to complaints

Respond politely and promptly to
complaints, don’t argue with the user,
thank them for sharing their

Give answers to FAQ

What issues still come up again?
Repurpose the questions and answers
to Twitter content with bite size. Your
FAQ is a great place to find content for

Highlight reviews

If you get a glowing review on Yelp,
Google, or anywhere else, post it to
Twitter. Share the review with a link to
the actual review page.

Conduct polls

Ask lighthearted questions to boost
engagement – ask for general
feedback, explore product
preferences, understand your

Ask for reviews

Your customers need that extra push
to write a review. Include a link that
will lead them directly to where they
should write a review. Fit this once a
week into your Twitter schedule.

Share articles

Tweet things that have nothing to do
with your business but relevant to
your customers to show that you are
updated to the latest news.

Announce job openings

Seeking new talent? Take to Twitter to
express the need. Often tweet job
openings with a link to where
applicants can apply.

Content Ideas – Engaging

Ask questions

Ask something relevant to brand, get
the conversation started

Share memes

Jump on viral memes and work on
how to use them into your own
Twitter content strategy, if it aligns
with your brand voice.

Post visual content

Whether it’s photography, graphics or
infographics, post visual content
easily catch people’s attention.

Tease launches

Let Twitter followers know about
upcoming product launch or new
features coming out. Get the followers
to excited, ramp up the conversations.

Ask for a caption

Post a funny or interesting photo and
get your followers to caption it. To get
more engagement, turn it into a

Share motivational quotes

Inspire your audience with
motivational quotes. Share quotes
that speak to them that will trigger

Post helpful infographics

People are fond of having descriptive
details. This is why they strongly enjoy

Share daily routine

Tweet about your daily routine or how
you stay organized. Inspire people
with your daily routine.

Share helpful tool

Share your favorite tool, and explain
why you can’t live without it. People
can save time by using it.

Recommend an expert

Share your experience with an expert
people, tell the result after you use
their service.

Tweet funny images

Share a post on funny photos, memes
and jokes. People love making
themselves entertained.

Discuss on experience

Address the worst experience with the
followers. Asking your followers to
share their thoughts is a good way

Promote products

Introduce products in a fun way so
that your audience stay engaged.

Educate with tips

Share tips on how to use your
product, step-by-step for signing up
for services, and more. Sharing tips on
Twitter is a great place to start.

Tweet a video

82% of users watch video on Twitter.
Just make sure to start your video
with a “bang” and keep it short.

Shot a BTS

Tweet a photo showing behind the
scenes of how the product is made.
This type of content need to tweet out
once in a while.

Wish Happy Birthday

If you see it’s someone’s Birthday,
don’t forget to wish them Happy
Birthday! They appreciate the
attention, you get the exposure.

Tweet about events

Live sharing about events that you
attending. Generate a conversation
around session.

Give movie review

Share what is your opinion of a movie
you just watched, but be careful not
to be a spoiler. Ops!

Tweet breaking news

Let your followers know about
breaking news from around the world
or your neighborhood.

Review a book

If you’re a bookworm, share about a
book you’ve just read, tweet powerful
quotes from the book.

Retweet other content

Retweet other people content that
you find useful for your followers that
you must share with them.

Fill in the blank

To trigger reply from followers, tweet
fill in the blank question and let your
followers guess it.

Tweet hit song

Tweet about song you can’t get out of
your head, share about billboard
charts, song that become hit

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