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Alert: Please set your link to “NEVER EXPIRE”

Buy discord members or buy discord referrals and You’ll get high quality and unique discord members, Contact us on telegram or whatsapp for better help.

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Buy Discord Members to Your Server and Buy Discord Referrals to Your Contest

Buy Discord Members service and get high quality discord members or referrals, We respect Discord’s Terms of Service, Community Guidelines & Privacy Policy.

Why Are Discord Members So Important?

Let’s look at some pretty cold facts:

  • There are currently thousands of Discord servers out there.
  • Even in specific communities alone, such as gaming and anime, there are over 11,000 listed on Discord listing services at any given time.
  • You’re going to have a hard time competing against the other thousand Discord servers in your genre.

This sucks, but don’t give up yet.

Because here’s the good news:

  • There are estimated to be 2.6 billion gamers in the world right now, who have access to the internet and potentially, Discord. Not all of them are on Discord yet, and every day, more people create their first Discord account.
  • Larger Discord servers are often cliquey, annoying, and unwelcoming to new members. That’s where you have the advantage.
  • Discord users are obsessed with finding new servers that pique their attention. They won’t just join one Discord server and stay there forever. They usually join several, on different topics.
  • Discord servers die or fall apart. Those members will seek out new Discord servers.

Let’s face it… it takes two seconds to build a Discord server.


buy discord members


  • Tap on your server icon
  • Tap Create Instant Invite. This option is located below the server name at the top of your screen. It will open a new page to create your invite.
  • Tap Channel under “Instant Invite”. This button will let you select a chat channel for your invite on this server. You can invite users to the #general chat, or another channel on the same server.
  • Select an expiration date for your invite under “Expire After”. You can set your invite link to expire in “NEVER”.
  • If you select Never, your invite link will never expire. This means you can use this link anytime in the future to invite and add users to your channel.
  • Select a maximum number of uses for your invite under “Max Uses”. You can choose to set your invite to expire after 1 use10 uses, or 100 uses. Your invite link will not work after it’s been used for the set number of maximum uses.

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3 reviews for Buy Discord Members or Referrals in Cheap Price

  1. Arturomoro24 (verified owner)

    It took awhile but it worked thank you 🙂 five stars

  2. Martín Vila Nieto (verified owner)

    Same as arturo, took a while but worked, thank you!

  3. Almaftuchin (verified owner)

    even bit long which is about 24 hours, but I recommend this product

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